Knolive Epicure SPANISH EVOO ml 250ml/8.5fl oz

Knolive Epicure EVOO 250ml/8.5fl oz


T A S T E & A R O M A - An explosion of delicious fruit, elegantly complemented by an aromatic intensity. Rich green color with delicate hints of gold, bubbling over with fresh fruit scents of apple and ripe green olives. Perfumed and fragrant, a delicate taste of tomato leaf, freshly cut grass and young almonds, a finish with a touch of bitterness, overlaid with an agreeable hint of white pepper.


    • RANKED Nº1 - Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the world 2018 by EVOO World Ranking
    • 100% PURE AND NATURAL - Perfect gift for fresh salad dressings and gourmet kitchen (cooking)
    • HARVEST AND PRESSING - Family Reserved, hand picked between the months of October and November, exclusively cold extraction by two-stage centrifugation
    • SIGNATURE BLEND - Blend from Hojiblanco and Picudo varieties
    • ORIGIN - Unfiltered Spanish EVOO, pressed from carefully selected young olives from ancient trees grown on high ground within the Sierra Subbética National Park in Priego de Córdoba, Andalusia, a region worldwide recognised for the quality of its olive oils