Meet the Wine Maker Dinner Events 

Our wine events offer you the opportunity to meet the family wine makers and to get first hand the knowledge and passion they and their families have put forth into each bottle they produce. 

Our Meet the Wine Maker Dinners begin with the wine makers featured wine served complimentary prior to dinner, followed by a narrated guided virtual tour from the vineyards to the cellars. Dinner includes a 3-4 course meal paired to the wines being  served, based on the wine makers recommendations. A real experience and education into what it takes to produce premium quality wines year over year. An experience you will never forget!

We look forward to each and every event as they have become the culmination of our hard work finding these top quality wines from around the globe. Contact our Event management team on how to sign up for your next Garland Experience.

Call us at 314-349-6900 for detailed information and registration!

Upcoming Events:

Famiglia Meschini September, 2019

Weingut Rheingraenhoff (Partenheimer-Petry) and Bernard Massard September 2019