Ville d'Arfanta Prosecco "Cuvee Treviso" 2019

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Ville d'Arfanta Prosecco "Cuvee Treviso" 2019

 Region: TREVISO

The "Glera" grapes used to make this Prosecco are produced in the DOC areas of the province of Treviso, where environmental conditions and soils satisfy particular quality requirements. 

The style of the bottle is elegant and refined making the product suitable to accompany unique and important moments. For this reason it is advisable to consume it with an appropriate glass, an ideal is a slender tulip-shaped flute that favors oxygenation thus giving off the characteristic and precious aromas of this wine. 

Straw yellow color, extremely clear and bright. The perlage has a fine and persistent grain. the aroma is pleasant, of Golden apple, with notes of grapefruit. 

The taste is fresh, the palate is pleasant and harmonious with great pleasure.