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Scarlatta Chianti Basket Wine 2015 -  DOCG

Country:  Italy
Region:   Tuscany
Type:       Red Wine
Varietal:   Blend
Size:        750ML


The Chianti has a ruby color thanks to the use of Sangiovese grapes, while the aged, known as Chianti Riserva, have a dark red color.
Chianti wines are characterized by having a clear and clean appearance.
On the nose, these wines have an aroma of flowers and red fruits while an aged Chianti wine has a musty smell.
Finally, in the mouth they are characterized by having an intense flavor for the grape tannins and fruity notes where cherries, blackberries and plums are identified.

Tasting Notes: Chianti is characterized by red and black cherry characters, along with savory notes, wild herbs and spice, supported by racy acidity and well-structured tannins. Italy has always had a culture that is virtually inextricable from wine. Wine grapes are grown just about everywhere throughout the country—a long and narrow boot-shaped peninsula extending into the Mediterranean and Adriatic Seas.

Food Pairing: Chianti is great with Italian food and food that is rich in seasoning, such as red sauces, red meat, parmesan cheese, poultry, goose, lamb, lasagna, pasta with tomato sauce, heavy veal dishes, and veal chops.