LA CHINATA - Extra Virgin Olive Oil 25.36 fl oz (750 ml)

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The product range of La Chinata is unique and beautiful. Rarely does one find delicacies of such variety of flavor and aromas made from all-natural ingredients. La Chinata began with the production of high-quality olive oil many years ago. Ever since, only selected olives from the Sierra de Gata-Hurdes in northern Cáceres are used. These are the sweet fruity 'Manzanilla Cecereña', which make olive oils rich in unsaturated fatty acids more than other varieties. Another selection is made right before the pressing, which is done with gentle pressure. The olive oil 'En Rama' is a special product, made according to tradition. 

Tasting Notes: 

Aroma: A slightly assertive nose offers tomato, leaf, and black pepper, all in balance. 

Taste: Tomato, asparagus, with smooth, fruity flavors and a sweet finish. 

This is a great olive oil to use for fish, and salads, as it will not overwhelm the delicacy of the ingredients.