2016 Famiglia Meschini Torrontés

2016 Famiglia Meschini Torrontés: Torrontés is one of the great grapes of Argentina, and they do it better than anyone else! This wine is memorable, with aromas of white flowers, vanilla, and tropical fruit. A hint of effervescence makes this wine dynamic with food pairings, especially cheese and meat boards. This wine is off-dry, so think Thai food, or anything spicy!


Varietal Composition: 93% Torrontes – 7% Chardonnay

Vineyard Location: San Carlos, Uco Valley, Mendoza

Average Vineyard Elevation:  3,100 feet

Average Age of Vines: 13 years

Alcohol: 12.5%

Acidity: 6.50 grs/liter pH: 3.5

Residual Sugar: 36 grs/liter

Vinification: All steps of vinification are done in stainless steel tanks. Fermentation begins using natural yeasts and process is halted in order to preserve higher sugar concentration. Carbon dioxide is added over the course of 14 days in order to achieve soft fizziness / carbonation.

Tasting Notes: Beautiful and complex aromas constitute this floral bouquet. Flower petals, candy corn, vanilla flavor give you to a great acidity that is mainly felt at the mid palate and towards the finish. By adding a touch of effervescence and adding a small percentage of chardonnay we tamed down the intensity of the bouquet and extended the finish of the wine.