Monmousseau JM Cuvée Sparkling white

Monmousseau JM Cuvée Sparkling white


The Touraine area: for more than 15 centuries, the vineyards of this beautiful region of France were celebrated by many famous French poets and writers. One of them, Jules Romain, said about our wines: ' They are the essence of the French spirit '. The soil is based on the tuff stone (in which our caves are dug out), covered by granite, clay and flint. Very similar to the soil of Champagne by its characteristics, it ensures a nice balance between the acidity of the chalk and the ' earthy ' taste of clay to its wines. The climate is semi-continental. This avoids excessive coldness in the winter and extreme heat during summer days. It is exceptionally favourable to the growing of particular grape varieties.


The Cuvée JM wine, named after Justin Marcel one of our founders, is based on 80% chenin blanc and 20% Chardonnay. Chenin Blanc, also called PINEAU DE LA LOIRE or PINOT DE LA LOIRE in Touraine, is known under more than 4O names throughout the world. Nevertheless, it is in the Val de Loire and particularly in Touraine, that it develops best its intrinsic qualities in harmony, thanks to the soil and climate. This grape variety is perfectly adapted to the bottle fermentation used to make Méthode Traditionnelle wines.


The Cuvée JM wine is elaborated according to the Méthode Traditionnelle process. It is kept lying down on laths in our underground caves, at a natural constant temperature of 12°C for 24 to 36 months. The quality and elegance of this cuvée are mainly due to this long period of maturation which follows the bottle fermentation (secondary fermentation).


This pale yellow wine is bright and translucent. Its abundant and subtle bubbles are extremely fine and long-lasting in the flute. Typical of the Chenin Blanc grape, the Cuvée JM wine is aromatic and nicely fruity. It is the successful blend of a definite liveliness due to the slight acidity of this grape variety and its fruity aromas. A wonderful balance in mouth...


Serve between 6 and 8°C so as not to alter the bouquet and aromas. You will enjoy this cuvée from the aperitif to the dessert. Cuvée JM is not a wine to make a Mimosa or Kir Royal. Serve it by itself… It deserves it !