Monmousseau Cuvée JM Rosé, Touraine Brut Sparkling

Monmousseau Cuvée JM Rosé, Touraine Brut Sparkling


The Touraine area is characterized by magnificent royal castles, beautiful tuffstone houses, deep forests like those of Amboise and Montrichard, sunny valleys where rivers flow, and also slopes covered with vineyards. The soil is mainly composed of chalk and clay. It is here in the ' aubuis ' (soil type) where the chenin blanc and gamay grapes grow best. The Touraine also contains strategic plots amongst the plains and slopes, where the soil is lighter and more fertile, it is here where the Cabernet Franc thrives. The climate is semi-continental. It is protected from excessive cold thanks to sea breezes which come up the Loire Valley. This also reduces temperature variations.


This cuvée is made with two grape varieties: 70 % Cabernet Franc and 30% Gamay. These red grapes are vinified as white wines for our cuvée. The Gamay grape, very common in the Loire region, covers some 2,500 hectares in the Loir-et-Cher department. It produces wines which naturally contain low levels of alcohol. They are light and very fruity. Such are the qualities for which we chose it for our blending. The Cabernet Franc is a Bordeaux grape variety which was introduced in the Loire Valley by the cardinal of Richelieu in 1631. During a stay in Guyenne, Richelieu sent a few thousand plants to his intendant, Abbot Breton, who planted them in the neighbourhoods of Bourgueil and Chinon. This is why the Cabernet Franc grape is sometimes still called Breton. This grape variety produces a well-structured, fragrant quality wine. According to the soil, it can have raspberry or violet aromas. It is a perfect complement for the Gamay grape, to which it adds its ' winey ' appearance and structure in our blending.


This cuvée is made according to the Méthode Traditionnelle process. Its secondary fermentation on laths and a maturation of 18 months in our troglodyte caves at a natural and constant temperature of 12°C, provide it with a special elegance. It is very refined.


Its color is of a delicate salmon pink. The bubbles are very fine and abundant, and are long-lasting in the flute. Its bouquet is very fruity. Hints of raspberry are noticeable and forecast the explosion of aromas of summer fruit when you taste it. This cuvée is both as lively, round, and supple as a white Méthode Traditionnelle wine.


Served at 6 / 8°C, this cuvée will offer all its complexity and delicacy. Perfect as an aperitif, yet it is a surprisingly versatile wine that can compliment many lighter style dishes such as Asian cuisine or poultry. Of course it is also delicious with chocolate cake.