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Location: Champagne, France

Established: 1876

In 1876 Paul Goerg became mayor of Vertus. He was proud of the vineyards around his village and vigorously and wholeheartedly engaged with the local winegrowers. In 1950 a group of enterprising winegrowers created some outstanding Champagnes with their roots firmly in Vertus. Little by little, they enthusiastically developed their skills and daringly built a product range around the Chardonnay grape.

In 1984 in homage to the exceptional character who reflects the soul of Vertus, these winegrowers chose the name Paul Goerg for their Champagne. Today, adhering consistently to the same values since it was formed, Maison Paul Goerg has developed exclusive Champagnes, the modernity of which is reflected in their innovation presentation, combining quality and authenticity. Steadfast values, which the House has always prioritized for its cuvées.