The Meschini Family in the vineyard in Mendoza

Location: Argentina


Famiglia Meschini started with Eugenio’s grandfather, Primo Meschini. Orphaned at the age of 14, he immigrated to Argentina from Le Marche, Italy, to start a new life. He settled in Mendoza where the rolling foothills of the Andes reminded him of home. Working as a mechanic, Primo rose up to own several car dealerships and began winemaking as a hobby – a way to reconnect to his native Italy. His son, Eugenio’s father, Pacifico, developed the wine business, and Meschini Dolcetto wines were enjoyed for years throughout Argentina. We are humbled by their accomplishment, proud of their work and energized by their spirit as we seek to perpetuate Primo and Pacifico’s legacy in the United States.

Eugenio was born and raised in Mendoza, Argentina, and moved to Minnesota in 1989 after attempting wine-making school (don’t ask!). He graduated from the College of St. Thomas where he met Teresa in a speech class. (Eugenio got a better grade—gasp!). He went on to earn both a Master of International Management and Master of Business Administration in 1995.

Eugenio has extensive business dealings in the United States, Latin America, Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia (translation: never home). He is passionate about family, wine and family business. He proudly has over 20 years of wine-drinking experience, which is what he does best.