Dear wine lovers

Our family has been operating viticulture in the regions of Nahe and Rheinhessen since 1585, where all the grapes for the wines of our winery thrive. We manage the vineyard Rheingrafenhof with three generations of our family, the fourth generation already helps with many small activities.

The vineyard Rheingrafenhof is located in Frei-Laubersheim, a small wine-growing village in the west of the wine-growing region Rheinhessen, about 6 km south of Bad Kreuznach. Geologically, we are on the edge of the Mainz Basin, which was a large inland sea in the Tertiary and whose deposits had a great influence on the Rhine Hessian soils. The vineyard Rheingrafenberg, whose vineyards are behind our vineyard has given the farm its name.

Danke Dir

Anke and Jourgan!


Beautiful wines from the Partenheimer-Petry family in Rheinhessen.  Anke and Jourgan are continuing their family heritage of 500 years of farming and wine making in the same vineyards as their ancestors. The exceptional wines their family has perfected are consistent top quality Estate Wines year over!