2018 - Monmousseau Chinon

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2018 - Monmousseau Chinon


100% Cabernet Franc. This red grape with white juice, native of Bordeaux, finds ideal conditions in Chinon. The wines can be very different one from the others, according to the nature of the soil in which they are produced. However, you always find aromas of red fruit or violets.

The grapes ferment for about three weeks at a temperature of 28°C (80°F). This high temperature fermentation allows the smooth extraction of the color, aromas and tannins from the grapes in order to create a perfect balance for Cabernet Franc. The bottling is done after several months.

A beautiful ruby color. A subtle and intense bouquet of red fruit with a note of violets, you can find this again in mouth. Fleshy but elegant, this wine also has a good structure which will enable it to age nicely for several years.

Like its neighbours: AC Bourgueil and AC Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil, AC Chinon can be drunk young or after several years in your cellar. You can enjoy it young in the spring following the picking. It is then known as "Easter wine". Serve it at 14/15°C (5 7-59°F), with white or roasted meat. After a few years of ageing, the wine is best served at room temperature, about 18°C (64°F), it will compliment game and meat cooked in a sauce. It always excels with cheese, particularly goat cheese, such as the ones produced in the village of Sainte Maure de Touraine, near Chinon.