Herbert and Antonine Clasen, Directors of Bernard Massard

Location: Luxembourg

Established: 1921

Our business was established in 1921 by a young and brilliant wine-maker from Luxembourg, Jean Bernard-Massard, who had learnt his skills in Champagne.

With the financial support of a small group of enthusiasts from Luxembourg and Belgium, he brought his project to fruition with the construction of the beautiful Grevenmacher winery on the banks of the Moselle River.

His aim was to create quality sparkling wines in Luxembourg and to make the most of the new markets opened up by the then recent establishment of the Customs Union between Belgium and Luxembourg. His Belgian partners were of great assistance in helping the company to conquer the Belgian market, which has been Bernard-Massard’s greatest outlet for 90 years now.

With the intention of establishing a presence in the large German market, at the same time, Jean Bernard-Massard created the ‘Sektkellerei J.Bernard-Massard’ in Trier. This company is still in operation and reinforces the group’s European presence.