Art Harper

Art started with the company in November of 1988 and has been an integral part of our growth. In 1988, inventory was between 40 and 50 wines, primarily German, and now we're up to 300 wines from around the world!
As a food and wine guy, Art has been responsible for designing all of the winemaker’s dinners since the first one in 1991. This includes selecting the courses and pairing the wines, and the selections are always delectable. More than one couple have met and joined in matrimony from one of these dinners!
Art also puts his culinary talents to good use by sharing his recipes and recommending wine pairings for the Garland Wines newsletter, Cuttings from the Vine.  In addition, 
Art has been selecting our Bourdeaux Futures since the 1998 vintage.

If you ask Art how he got interested in wine he shares a story that many years ago at one of his parents’ dinner parties, they were serving a red and white Burgundy. As he tasted the wine he thought to himself “Why do people drink this stuff?” 35 years later he now knows why!